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The First Podcast

This was the first podcast that was responsible for the creation of this website: Gnosis – Samael Aun Weor. (August, 2010)

Also see: Disaster in Japan This is where we talk about the earthquake near Japan, in April of 2011.


This is an Archive Site

There will be no further podcasts added to this website. It is now an “Archive” site. All new recordings will be added to

A Series of Lectures Giving You the Foundation of Gnostic Teachings

Gnostic Lectures

1 Introduction to Gnosis

2 Evolution and Involution

3 The Law of Karma and Dharma

4 Conversations about Gnosis – Part 1

5 The Aquarian Age and the Extra Terrestrials

6 The History of the World and the History of the Human Race

7 Conversations about Gnosis – Part 2

8 Ego Essence and Personality

9 Parallel Dimensions and Our 7 Bodies

10 To Be and to Exist

11 The Three Minds

12 The Three Brains and the New Biology

13 The Seven Endocrine Glands and the Superior Senses

14 Universal Sound

15 Conversations About Gnosis – Part 3

16 The Fallen Tower, The Laws of Return Reincarnation and Reoccurrence

17 Emotional Intelligence and How to Obtain it

18 Science will Become Religious and Religion will Become Scientific

19 The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness

20 The Seven Spirits Before the Throne (Apocalypse)

21 Meditation, The Highest Way of Thinking is to Stop Thinking

22 The Highest Profession of All

23 The Ray of Death

24 The World of Dreams – Astral Projection

25 Are We All Puppets of the Ego?

26 The End of a Cycle and a New Beginning

27 Gnosis and the Arts

A special series of Gnostic Lectures…

With Mr. E. Jim G. Ross

Sex: A Stairway to Heaven or a Stairway to Hell

Special Episode 1 of 3

Special Episode 2 of 3

Special Episode 3 of 3

Special Episode 4, The Christ and the Anti-Christ

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